Inside Out Weightloss

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The Inside-Out Revolutionary Weight Loss Program

Have you ever wondered why you and so many others have struggled to keep the weight off after working so hard to lose it?

For decades now the diet industry has offered a whole host of various programs, all well intended to help people lose weight to lead a happier, healthier life. Unfortunately, the programs have missed the mark, only to see their clients gain back the weight.

The Inside-Out Revolutionary Weight Loss Program is the program that offers the missing link in the weight loss industry.

This is the one program that understands the key to success in weight loss maintenance is to uncover the long time unconscious habits of how you relate to food.

In this 6 week program, participants will gain insights in those blind spots that have kept them stuck in the weight loss weight gain merry-go-round, resulting in success for life. The small group setting lends itself to trust, open sharing, peer support, accountability, and relationship building.

12 Small Group Sessions $598.00 ($498.00 Early Bird Special)

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