Meditative Movement

To register for any class email: [email protected]; or Phone: 952-888-4777, ext. 250

Meditative Movement Classes:

Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:00 - 8:00 pm for 6 weeks

Class cost: $240

Meditative Movement Class description:

Tap into your body's innate ability to heal with this relaxing and highly therapeutic class. You will learn how to naturally release old patterns of physical, emotional and mental stress that are the root cause of injury and disease. The combination of awareness cues, meditation techniques and gentle guided movements in this class will re-train your body how to thrive at your optimal health.

Results are often immediate and include reduced pain, better posture, improved immune function, reverse-aging, better circulation, fat loss, reduced anxiety/stress/depression, improved sleep, better complexion and more.

Movements are done lying on the floor. Bring a blanket or a yoga mat with you to class.

Marie's Bio:

Marie began her journey into health and healing with Russian Kettlebell training where she was a certified RKC for many years. Along the way she became more interested in the healing arts and she began studying Feldenkrais, the Three Principles Psychology and meditation. Her Feldenkrais teacher told her she had a gift for teaching this type of movement and Marie loved teaching it. Marie, could see the link between Feldenkrais (a movement therapy) and the psychology she was studying at the time. It wasn't long afterward that Marie formed her own hybrid therapeutic art called Meditative Movement, a unique hybrid of Feldenkrais with elements of the Three Principles Psychology and meditation. These components together honor the mental, physical and emotional aspects of healing which Marie sees as fundamental to heath.

Marie teaches in-home private lessons in addition to classes.

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